A Vision for United Methodism       

Picture a denomination unified and thriving, a fellowship which is a movement again, a church empowered to make disciples and transform the world!

It happens as leadership – lay and clergy, young and old, traditional and contemporary, multi-racial and multi-cultural draw together to. . .

1) Increase the number of vital congregations;
2) Encourage a “culture of call” where new clergy and lay leadership are equipped for the future;
3) Embrace a climate where all God’s people are valued;
4) Partner in making disciples around the globe;
5) Respond to human suffering with love and mercy; and
6) Offer Christ in a world where God’s message has often gone silent.

Her Friends and Colleagues say…

“Sharma exhibits compassion and an evangelistic heart. Guided by her leadership, no one is forgotten, not even the least. Her broad experience and her commitment to leading the church to focus on those outside the walls make her an ideal candidate to be a bishop in The United Methodist Church.”
Nora Colmenares,
General Board of Global Ministries
“I know her to be a mature spiritual leader, teacher, preacher, and administrator. Her extensive experience as an effective pastor in growing churches coupled with the administrative/superintending skills in a diverse, culturally mixed area of Atlanta has provided her with strategic tools for the office of episcopacy.”
Jane Finley,
Former N. GA Conference Lay Leader
“I have witnessed Sharma’s leadership as the pastor in charge. She is an enthusiastic preacher. She is a visionary leader. She is a theologian committed to the Wesleyan spirit. She is an encourager and mentor to young pastors. She supports and challenges seasoned pastors. She knows and cares for the laity. She is wise and discerning as she helps churches navigate conflict.”
Alice Rogers,,
Sr. Pastor of Glenn Memorial UMC

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